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RCRCM Gooney CFK Spw 1.5m Weiss/Rot mit Schutztaschen, RC Modellflugzeug

Produttore: RCRCM
CHF 422.72
Questo articolo non è più prodotto/venduto.


RCRCM 1.5m Wingspan RC Flying wing Glider - Gooney Flying wings have always been special and attractive models. The Gooney no exception to the rule. This is a flying wing with pleasant forms of 1, 50m wingspan. Flying is fun and you find yourself taking it to each output to the slope. Wonderful companion that will follow you easily with removable wings. Have fun!

- Completely new special design
- Fly really friendly
- Top Quality finish
- Easy Handling
- Very stable in flying
- Holds its course well and withstands the weight well
- Fun flying wing
- Flies pretty good, beautiful in flight

- RCRCM Gooney 1.5m CFK, ARF
- Farbe: Weiss/Rot
- Ballast Tube(for Motorless Glider only)
- Motor mount(for electric version only)
- Servo support
- Push Rod, Clevis, Linkage Rod, Control horn, Servo Cover, Wing joiner, tail joiner, servo plate

Technische Daten
- Preferences: Motorless
- Wingspan: 1518mm
- Length: 752mm
- Wing area: 41.3dm2
- Flying Weight: 1.4kg
- Empty Weight: Glass+Carbon Standard 998g, Full carbon 1160g.
- CG (Center of Gravity): 79 mm from leading edge
- Tow hook setting: NO
- Ailerons: YES
- Elevator: YES
- Rudder: NO
- Flaps: NO
- Required Radio: 2 channels (Delta-Mischer)

Empfohlenes Zubehör
- Servos  for wings: 2x KST DS135MG
- Empfängerbatterie: 4.8-6V

Anleitung RCRCM Gooney 1.5m
/shop/ProdukteDetails/RCRCM Gooney_Anleitung_Modellmarkt24.pdf

Achtung: Schwerpunkt ist in der Anleitung falsch. Bei Testflügen hat sich 79mm ab der vorderen Flügelkante bewährt.