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RCRCM F5D Falcon CFK Spw.1.4m Weiss/Rot/Schwarz Pylon-Segler mit Schutztasche

Produttore: RCRCM
CHF 399.00
Questo articolo non è più prodotto/venduto.


Geschwindigkeitsrausch - F5D Falcon von RCRCM

Der F5D Falcon wurde von RCRCM wurde im neuen Jahr angekündigt und ist bereits in kleinen Stückmengen beim Modellmarkt24 an Lager.

Hier die aktuell z.T. noch englischen Infos zum neuen Falcon F5D von RCRM:


RCRCM 1400mm Wingspan RC Glider – Falcon

Falcon is the new F5D glider, it is with simple construction and very easy to build, the shape of the model is very smooth.

It is a high quality F5D pylon glider, with mature design, precise moulding, best material and made by experieced staff.

In light weight, it can be equiped with light power and propeller to fly as F5B, or fly F5D with high power system. The nose area has enough room for the electronics, you can put 5S 2200mah lipo battery. Or you can only install with 3 servos to fly as slope glider(the flight weight will be only 450g), it can fly in any condition whether light wind or strong wind, to fly in high speed on the slope will be a lot of fun!

Available in 3 Versions:

Full Carbon Version: Wings built using full carbon cloth as well as fuselage reinforced with carbon from leading edge of the wing to the tail. This configuration gives the model enormous stiffness and torsion stability. 

The first two versions are available in stock. Besides, we have Light Carbon Version(less weight) and Double Carbon Version(with two layers of carbon), the last two versions are customized.

Detailed Description:

  • Falcon flying panels and control surfaces are large enough to be effective in almost any conditions, while the flaps make it possible to land the plane slowly and  safely even at small flying sites.
  • Flight tests in a wide range of conditions have revealed a very good turn of speed, high maneuverability, no bad habits, and very controllable landing characteristics.
  • Clean, efficient designs are sure to satisfy the most demanding pilots.
  • For the expert and novice alike the Sunbird represents a lot of “big” sailplane features in a small attractive package.
  • Control Surfaces: Rudder, Elevator, Ailerons
  • Two-piece hollow molded composite Carbon Fiber or Glass wing design
  • Carbon Fiber reinforced wing with square wing joiner
  • Live hinges on the wing and rudder with pre-installed wipers
  • Smooth, gel-coated finish with pre-painted graphics
  • Live hinged stabilizer with pre-installed bellcrank with pushrod

Technsiche Details

- Spannweite: 1400mm
- Länge: 888mm

- Flächeninhalt: 13.6dm2

- Leergewicht: ca. 400g

- Fluggewicht: ab 850g

- Schwerpunkt: 48mm ab Flügelvorderkannte, an der Wurzel gemessen

Antriebsempfehlung 1 (5.6kg Schub, ca. 350km/h)

- Leomotion L3015-4200 mit Getriebe 6.7:1 und armiertem Rotor

- 5S 2200mAh Lipo 40C

- Propeller: 10x25 (the Saw)

- 100A Regler Castle Phoenix Edge Lite

Antriebsempfehlung 2 (1.7kg Schub, ca. 250km/h)

- Motor: Kontronik Kira 400-39

- Akku: 3S 2200mAh Lipo 50C

- Propeller: 5x5

- Regler: Jeti 70A BL-Regler SB

Servo Empfehlung

- Quer: 2x KST X08H

- Höhe: 1x KST DS213

- Profis

- Outdoor

- RCRCM F5D Falcon CFK Spw.1.4m, ARF, inkl. Schutztasche
- Farbe: Weiss/Rot/Schwarz (Farbschema: 2)
- Kleinteile: Motorspant, Ruderanlenkungsteile

Benötigtes Zubehör
- Fernsteuerung 5 Kanal oder höher, inkl. Empfänger
- Antriebsakku
- Antriebsset: Motor, Regler, Propeller etc.
- Servos
- Kleinteile, Werkzeuge, Leim etc.